Film। इरफान खान : तुमको न भूल पाएँगे…

Irfan Khan : Tumko na bhul payenge
Kunal Baikunth Singh
Director and Actor, The first Angika Film, Khagaria wali Bhaujee

In 1994 Himesh reshamiya was making a TV serial directed by arun frank for zee TV. We were looking for a good looking smart negative actor. After trying lots of new actors I suggested Irfan Khan. But point was how to contact him. Because he dsn’t had mobile no. that time. But he was working in TV serial named ‘Banegi Apni Baat’.

I called the office of Diya Toni (producer of Banegi Apni Baat.) 

Any how got in tuch with great irfan khan. He was shooting some where in seven bunglow.. I went to meet him for budget and all. But was not allowed to inter at the shooting location. Any how after a long irfan khan came out. He asked only one thing, “Who is the opposite actor with him for frist scene to be shoot.” I said, “Shekhar Suman, Kamljeet and Sudesh Berry.’ He became happy. He didn’t ask for payment. “De dena yar jo v samjh me aaye.”

Next day he came at palm Grove parking Juhu. Sudesh was not happy to meet this new actor sudesh was a star. I was blames for miss cast him this actor called irfan khan. But himeah reahamiya my boss had full faith in me.. As well as this brilliant actor.

Year after that he used to play cricket at the parking place of great director tigmanshu dhuliya .

I never like cricket but was playing for a friend like great irfan khan.. 

That time he was shooting for film maqbul.. He said kunal tumko na bhul paunga.. Kiyo bhai i asked.. U give me frist negative roll.. Which is my identity today. Rest is history.
“Yar hum v tumko na bhul payenge.”
B. N. Mandal University, Madhepura, Bihar, India

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