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Philosophy। Brief Life Sketch of Sohan Raj Tater

  Brief Life Sketch of Sohan Raj Tater

Sohan Raj Tater was born at Kanor, a small village in Barmer district on July 5, 1947 in pre Independent India in a desert state of Rajasthan in a middle class Jain family. Barmer is bordering with Pakistan and life is very tough. During summer hot sandy storm is every day phenomenon.  Survival is not an easy task for those who born in middle class family. He has to struggle hard to achieve in life. There is a saying that determined person can change not only his destiny but the destiny of whole family and community. This was hundred percent true in case of Sohan Raj Tater.

 His father Shri Multan Mal was a grocer and having his own shop in the Kanor. Mother Champa Devi was a house wife and devoted to family. Both Shri Multan Mal and Champa Devi were illiterate because those days there were no schools in the Kanor village. Those days Kanor has no electricity, no road and there was scarcity of water. People use only natural water by using traditional means to harvest rainwater and preserve throughout the year for drinking and other purposes. His parents were simple, religious and honest. His father Shri Multan Mal inherited these qualities from his father Shri Hem Raj and his mother . Sohan Raj Tater’s parents were embodiment of politeness, simplicity and devoted towards their children education. Both of them were hard worker and religious in nature . Sohan also inherited these qualities from his parents.  His parents were follower of Terapanth  sect of Shwetamber tradition of Jainism started by Acharya Bhikshu around two hundred fifty years ago. Terapanthi believes in Dharmasangha and Acharya is head of the Terapanth.  The present Acharya of Terapanth sect is Acharya Mahashraman.  Sohan was third  child out of five brothers and four sisters.

Among all brothers and sisters Sohan Raj was brilliant and studious student.  From the early childhood he has always been an industrious, studious, simple, humble and soft-spoken and has been living a detached life. His early education up to class second was held at Kanor village school because school was only up to second class. So Sohan has to be shifted to another school. His parents shifted him to Jasol in the Barmer district where he was admitted in Government Middle School Jasol. He studied in this school up to 8th class. It was one of the best middle schools in the area. He was studying and staying with parents. He was President/ Secretary of the Student Union in his Middle School at Jasol. After passing 8th class he was sent to Jodhpur for higher studies. Jodhpur is the divisional head quarter and known for educational facilities. 

In Jodhpur he was admitted in Mahesh Higher Secondary School where he studied from 9th to 11th class.  He was Secretary/ President of the student Union from 1961- 64 at Mahesh Higher Secondary School, Jodhpur.  He has always been a brilliant student and a topper. He stood first in class 9th, 10th, 11th in his school and topped the list in the whole of Rajasthan in the Higher Secondary Examination in the year 1964 and thus brought name and fame both to his family and to his village and community. But the life was not a bed of roses for him rather hard, difficult and full of thorns. 

Being a topper he got admission in M.B.M. Engineering College, Jodhpur in 1964 and opted, Mechanical Engineering  Branch. The year 1965 was turning point in the life of   Sohan Raj Tater. He was married to  Laxmi, 10th passed girl in the year 1965. Mrs. Laxmidevi proved the most perfect match to Sohan Raj Tater. She too has been living a detached life since childhood. Both of them are of religious nature and disinterested in enjoying sexual pleasures. Newly married couple took voluntarily vow of celibacy for two years right from the first day of their marriage from 1965 to 1967.  It was not an easy for newly married couple to follow the vow. Sexual desire  is natural but they did so for building their future. There is a saying that where there is will there is way.  Sohan Raj and his wife remained in close contact with Terapanthi Munishri Sampatmal Swami, who got Shri Sohan Raj to observe penitential retreat, 25 Shlokas and to learn Jain Siddhant Deepika and Manonushasnam, by heart. He also motivated Shri Sohan Raj Tater and Mrs.  Laxmidevi to get initiated as a pair. Both of them were extremely willing to do so, but this could not be materialized  because their destruction-cum-subsidence of the karmas had not yet been complete.

 From 1965 to 1969 he used to take private tuition to fellow students to sustain his own study and meet the expenses of the studies of brothers.  During that period he motivated hundreds of his fellow students to get and continue quality school education. He used to prepare food for himself. As Shri Tater was a very bright and intelligent student and as he had a great desire of learning, he finally got the degree of B.E. (Mechanical), Honours in the year 1969. He maintained his past records and stood first and topped in B.E.Mechanical Examination of M.B.M. Engineering college, Jodhpur and became a full-fledged Engineer.

Shri Tater is whole-heartedly devoted to the order of Terapanth and has great respect for Acharyashri Mahashraman.  He always followed the path shown by Gurudev Tulsi and Acharyashri Mahapragya. He had been the secretary of the Terapanth council, Sardarpura, Jodhpur from 1965 to 1970 at the very young age.

In the year 1970 was turning point in his carrier. He was selected by Rajasthan Public Service Commission and was appointed as an Assistant Engineer in the Public Health Engineering Department of Rajasthan Government. While in the service to study further he passed M.E. (Public Health Engineering)  and got the first rank. As he was very prompt and authentic in service, he was honoured  four times by the Government of Rajasthan:

  1. For bringing water from Mathania to Jodhpur within 90 days in the year 1970,
  2. For bringing the canal water to Bikaner in the year 1976,
  3. For implementing Asia’s biggest regional water supply project for 300 villages in Churu district in the year 1984 and
  4. For working very promptly for the prevention of flood in Balotra in the year 1990.

Due to dedication and hard work he become well known figure in the state of Rajasthan and country in the field of Literature and Education as a Research specialist and Public Health Engineering Education in safe and pure drinking water, sewage and air pollution fields.

Shri Sohan Raj has always been associated with Terapanth and has worked incessantly and untiringly for its service and development. Because of his great devotion to the order and because of having full faith in it and great respect for all the monks and nuns, he was honoured and awarded many times. He was awarded “Yuvak Ratna” by  Akhil Bhartiya Terapanth Yuvak Parishad in the year 1987. Awarded four times  by Rajasthan Government in the years 1970, 1976, 1985, 1991 for working with devotion and honesty in Public Health Engineering Department of Rajasthan state.  He was conferred “Samaj Bhushan” by Digambar Jain Samaj in 2010; “Samaj Seva Puraskar “ of Terapanth Samaj by Amrit Yogakshem Kosh Sivakasi East( Tamil Nadu) in 2008; “Jasol Gaurav” by Jasol Jain Vikas Munch, Surat (Raj.) in 2009; “Indira Gandhi Rastriya Akta Award” by Rastriya Swatantra Samta Manch in 2009; “Jain Gyan Vigyan Manishi” by Digambar Jain Samaj in 2009;  “Gem of Yoga” by Lucknow University, Lucknow (U.P.) in 2009; “Samrasta Excellency Award” by Rastriya Swatantra Samta Manch in 2010. He also received “Special Award” by Rohini Institute of Alternative Medicine, India and Malaysia in 2010; “Indo-Nepal Harmony” by Indo-Nepal Samrasta International Institute in 2010; “Fellow Award” by Indian Academy of Yoga, BHU, Varanasi (U.P.) in 2010;  “Gem of Naturopathy” by Lucknow University, Lucknow (U.P.) in 2010;  “Indo – Bhutan Harmony Award” by Indo Bhutan Samrasta International in 2011;  “Bharat Excellence Award” by Friendship Forum of India, New Delhi in 2011; “Shri Patanjali Maharshi International Award of Excellence” by Holistic Medicine, Salem (T.N.) in 2011; “Felicitated by Gujrat Govt.” during Somnath Sanskrit University, Veraval (Guj.) convocation for noble national services in Literature and Education field on 6.02.2012. “Felicitated by U.P. RIMS & R Saifai,Etavah (U.P.)” for Yoga Research on 2.03.2012.


One can not overlook his contribution in the development of the Jain Vishva Bharati the holy place for Terapanthi Jains. His role in getting many things done  in the premises of Jain Vishva Bharati, Ladnun had been very significant. He played an important part in getting a well dug, building an underground water tank, an overhead water tank, pipe-lines, distribution of electricity and installing electricity generator. He also took an active part in designing and monitoring the construction of many beautiful buildings like Amritayan and Art Gallery.

Shri Sohan Raj Tater devoted all his time to the independent functioning of Yuva Vahini, an organization meant for the youths in the year 1989 that had been declared as the Yogakshem year. He performed this job while he was giving his honourary services as Vice-President, All India Terapanth Yuvak Parishad.

During Acharya Mahapragya’s Ahimsa Yatra, (A march for the cause of non-violence), Shri Sohan Raj Tater, with the inspiration and blessings of Acharya Mahapragya, and with the permission of his family, left the Government service, while he was on the post of Superintending Engineer, renounced his well-established cement factory worth crores of rupees and has decided to devote the rest of his life to the self-less service of the order, Terapanth as a life-long volunteer. He formally announced his decision in the proximity of Acharya Mahapragya, in January, 2002. On 26th January, 2002 Acharyashri and Yuvacharyashri graced his cement factory located at Boranada (Jodhpur) by their holy presence. On that very day, at the auspicious time of morning he, with the blessings of Acharyashri and listening to his holy words, started giving his services to Parmarthik Shikshan Sanstha, Ladnun. On February 18, 2002, Shri Sohan Raj Tater was formally nominated the trustee and convener of Parmarthik Shikshan Sanstha by the Trust Board of that institution in the gracious presence of Acharyashri on the occasion of Maryada Mahotsava organized at Pachpadra.

Devotion, dedication, respect for Acharyashri and all the elders, Sadhna, perseverance and the desire of serving the order have always been important parts of his life. He has followed the maxim of Acharyashri Tulsi : first control yourself; then think of discipline, to the fullest. Simple living and high thinking has been the motto of his life.

              Sohan Raj Tater was influenced by Mahatma Gandhi when he was a school student. He not only read Gandhi but followed his basic postulates in thought, action and deed. His even daily life is based on pro-nature philosophy. He has adopted 12 vows of Jain religion and leading a truthful and environmental friendly life style. Tater is an institution in himself. 

Professor is a great social worker and giving service to the society relentlessly. Tater is rendering social service for the upliftment, benefit, growth and advancement of crores of Indian masses directly or indirectly by association with following twenty seven National and International Non Governmental Organizations working in field of Education, Literature and Social service as Patron, Chief Patron, Life Member, Adviser and Associate Member of those N.G.Os : 1. Associate Member—Council for Research and Philosophy, Washington D.C., 20064 (U.S.A.); Member Peace Next, World Religion Parliament, Melborne(Astrelia); Advisor, The Open International University for Complementary Medicines, Colombo (Sri Lanka); Advisor and Life Member, Indian Holistic Medical Academy, Chennai (Tamil Nadu); Patron, Rashtriya Samta Swatantra Manch and Samta International, Jaipur (Rajasthan); Advisor, National Institute of Alternative Medicines System, Bangalore (Karnataka); Vishist Member, Bharat Swabhiman Trust, Patanjali Yogpeeth, Haridwar (Uttrakhand); Chief Patron & Life Member—U.P. Naturopathy & Yoga Teachers & Physicians Association, Lucknow (U.P.); Patron and Life Member—Akhil Bharatiya Darshan Parishad, Jabalpur (M.P.); Patron,Dharma Darshan Seva Sansthan, Udaipur(Raj.);  Founder Member, Gyan Sagar Science Foundation, New Delhi;  Member—The International Association of Lions Clubs, Jodhpur West from 1989; Life Member—Indian Philosophy Congress, New Delhi;  Life Member—Indian Society of Gandhian Studies, Chandigarh (Punjab);  Life Member—Indian Academy of Yoga, Varanasi (U.P.); Life Member—M.B.M. Engineering College, Alumni Association, Jodhpur (Raj.); Advisor and Patron—Siwanchi Malani Regional Terapanth Sansthan, Balotra (Raj.);  Observer, Digamber Jain Trilok Sodh Sansthan, Hastinapur (U.P.);  Life Member—Jain Vishva Bharati, Ladnun (Raj.); Life Member—Anuvarat Vishva Bharati, Rajsamand (Raj.);. Life Member—All India Oriental Conference, Pune (Maharastra); Life Member—International Congress of Yoga & Spiritual Science, Dharwad (Kr.); Life Member—Acharya Tulsi Shanti Pratisthan, Gangasahar (Raj.); Life Member—Jain Swetambar Terapanthi Mahasabha, Kolkata (W.B.); Life Member and Advisor – Indian Society of U3A; Life Member –  Rajasthan Pensioners Association; Advisor and Life Member – International Congress of Social Philosophy, Dharwad (Karnataka).  

Prof. Tater himself is sponsor of following life time activities run by reputed N.G.Os in the field of Literature and Education. Prof. Tater  gives award on his own and his wife Laxmidevi name for the best literatures, Research Papers of the year, Permanent Funds for publication of Journals and runs lecture series in the memory of his parents to rebuild detoriating moral, human, social, cultural and spiritual values like- Lifetime Jain Lecture Series in Akhil Bhartiya Darshan Parishad, Jabalpur(M.P.) on the parents name  “late Mrs. Champadevi late Shri Multan Mal, Jasol(Raj.) Memorial Jaina   Lecture series.” .

Following are the Lifetime Awards and Permanent Funds in the name of Prof. (Dr.) Sohan Raj  Laxmidevi  Tater, Jodhpur (Raj.); Philosophy Research Book Award in Akhil Bhartiya Darshan Parishad, Jabalpur (M.P.); Research Paper Award in Akhil Bhartiya Darshan Parishad, Jabalpur (M.P.) ;Philosophy Research Book Award in Indian Philosophical Congress, Haridwar( Uttrakhand); Research Paper  Award in Indian Philosophical Congress, Haridwar( Uttrakhand);Yoga Research Book Award in U.P. Naturopathy & Yoga Teachers & Physicians Association, Lucknow (U.P.);Yoga Research Paper Award in U.P. Naturopathy & Yoga Teachers & Physicians Association, Lucknow (U.P.); Akhil Bhartiya Darshan Parishad, Jabalpur (M.P.) Journal Publication Permanent Fund; Indian Philosophical Congress, Haridwar( Uttrakhand) Journal Publication Permanent Fund.

Prof. Tater’s work in the field of Literature and Education is Nationwide, is of very high standard, is innovative, is problem oriented and need based.  Prof. Tater has devoted 43 years, more than half of his life time for the service to humanity, but last 12 years have been full of achievements and result oriented work on particular subjects of higher education with Research, building 100 SANYASI characters, organizing Yoga camps in N.G.OS, Schools, Colleges, Universities and Public places for controlling negative emotions of masses like-negative thinking, complex, ego, hate and violence, writing and publishing Ph.D. level Research books and making them available in reputed Universities in India.  In the field of Literature and Education Prof. Tater adopted the newer and innovative fields of education like Yoga for emotion control, practical Education for building well cultured person and Philosophy for re-establishing human, moral, cultural, social and spiritual values. This will create a new healthy generation with high morals of culture, courage and courtesy. Prof. Tater wrote and published 41 Ph.D. level Research books in his subjects – Education, Yoga and Philosophy and those all 41 Research books are taught in 100 reputed Universities of India recognized by UGC. More so ever work on writing and publishing 32 more Research books by Prof. Tater is in progress. These 32 Research books also will be taught in same 100 reputed Universities of India. Lacs of P.G. and Ph.D. students are taking best use of these Research books as their text/reference books. Very few scholars in our country are there parallel to Prof. Tater, who is serving to higher Education students like this. This way Prof. Tater is a great asset to society. Prof. Tater has declared mission of his rest of life to write more and more Ph.D. level Research books in his subjects for the service to humanity.  Prof. Tater has displayed his all 43 years long social service to society as narrated in write up like – organizing Yoga, Education, Philosophy camps, Research books, articles, conferences on websites and Google search so that people from Indian society can follow and take lesson of inspiration out of it. It is a great service to humanity.


Prof. Tater started his social service career as an Engineer from 1969 in Public Health Engineering Department, Govt. of Rajasthan. Prof. Tater being social service minded follow right beginning from his childhood selected this department as his working field where he can serve more people to a large extent specially from tribal and rural areas of Rajasthan state. For survey, execution and maintenance of Rural water supply schemes in Rajasthan state Prof. Tater gave employment to thousands of young boys and girls specially from tribal, SC, ST and weaker sections of rural villages as per rules during his long tenure 1969-1998 in P.H.E.D. During 1969-1998 Prof. Tater motivated his thousands of employee families for school Education of their children specially belonging to tribal, SC, ST and weaker section of rural villages of Rajasthan. From 1969-1998 Prof. Tater served in Public Health Engineering department as Engineer mostly in remote rural villages where scarcity of safe and pure drinking water was there. Prof. Tater gave Engineering Education to his employees by demonstrations, lectures and Engineering experiments. During 1969-1998 Prof. Tater served rural society by providing safe and pure drinking water to them from Assistant Engineer to Superintending Engineer Rank. Prof. Tater during his social service in Public Health Engineering Department of Rajasthan state from 1969-1998 got drilled thousands of tubewells and hand pumps specially in tribal, SC, ST and weaker section of rural villages for providing safe and pure drinking water. During 1969-1998 Prof. Tater got laid lacs of kilometer of pipelines to connect rural villages of Rajasthan to provide safe and drinking water specially in SC, ST, tribal and weaker sections of villages. This way Prof. Tater did Herculean task for the service to humanity.

    Prof. Tater after taking voluntary retirement from P.H.E.D. with the inspiration of his spiritual Guru Acharya Mahapragya started his career in Higher Education as Professor and Research supervisor in 1999 in Jain Vishva Bharati University, Ladnun (Raj.). In this University Prof. Tater rendered honorary service as a Professor, Member in Board of Management, Member in Academic council, Adviser to University and Member in Senate. Prof. Tater gave honorary service in teaching thousands of P.G. level students as Professor in subject – Education, Philosophy, Yoga. and Ph.D. Research supervisor. 

Serving as honorary convener of Parmarthik Shikshan Sanstha, Ladnun Prof. Tater taught more than 100 non-attached boys and girls who renounced their families and wealth and all of them became SANYASIS by taking initiation from Acharya Mahapragya. Those all 100 SANYASIS are preaching to lacs of masses throughout India and abroad for inculcating human, moral and spiritual values in them. This way Prof. Tater worked as a milestone in making up moral, spiritual, cultural, social and human detoriated values in modem society. Prof. Tater considers building 100 SANYASIS characters as one of the best and holy work of his life. Prof. Tater served/serving in following field of higher Education activities with full dedication and devotion in the Universities, colleges and N.G.Os which are dedicated to extensive Education for moral, human, cultural, social and spiritual values. By associating with following G.Os and N.G.Os Prof. Tater is benefiting innumerable persons of society. Prof. Tater is more dedicated in motivating boys and girls of tribal SC, ST and weaker section of rural villager of our country : 1.Worked as Vice Chancellor, Singhania University, Pacheri Bari, Distt. : Jhunjhunu (Raj.) 2.  Have got long experience of teaching P.G. classes in Philosophy, Education and Yoga streams as Professor. 3. Served in Public Health Engineering Department, Rajasthan Govt. and took VRS as Superintending Engineer P.H.E.D., Rajasthan Govt. 4.He is Registered as Ph.D. Supervisor in various Universities of India. At present 7 students are already pursuing Ph.D. in his supervision. He is being called as paper setter of P.G. Classes, answer sheet examiner of P.G. classes. He has already been registered as Ph.D. External Examiner in  subjects Philosophy, Yoga and Education in various Universities of India. 5. Panel Member, University Grant Commission, New Delhi. 6. Research supervisor, New Age International University, California (U.S.A.), Trinity World University(U.K.). 7. Served as honorary Member, Board of Management, Jain Vishva Bharati University, Ladnun (Raj.) 8. Emeritus Professor NAIU(U.S.A.), TWU(U.K.), Jodhpur National University, Jodhpur (Raj.) and Singhania University, Raj. 9. Served as honorary Adviser, Jain Vishva Bharati University, Ladnun (Raj.) 10. Served honorary as convener Parmarthik Shikshan Sansthan, Ladnun (Raj.) which is engaged in building Jain monks and nuns characters. His taught 100 Sadhaks upto P.G. and Ph.D. level got initiation as Jain monks and nuns. 11. Serving honorary as Vice President Akhil Bhartiya Darshan Parishad, Jabalpur (M.P.) 12. Serving honorary as Member, Editorial Board Sampragya Research magazine from Vaishali (Bihar) and IJMER International Journal, Vishakhapatnam (A.P.) 13. Serving honorary Editor Preksha dhyan Yoga magazine from Ladnun (Raj.) 14. Serving as trained senior Upasak for delivering lectures on moral Education, Philosophy, Yoga and religious education to general masses. 15. Served as honorary director, Brahimi Vidhyapith College, Ladnun (Raj.) 16. Served as honorary Member, Vidhvat Parishad, Jain Vishva Bharati, Ladnun (Raj.) 17. Serving as honorary Adviser, Peace Society Worldwide, Kolkata (W.B.) 18. Serving as honorary Adviser, Institute of Education Research and Development, Kolkata (W.B.) 19. Serving as Honorary Adviser, Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, Kolkata (W.B.) 20. Serving as Founder Member, Gyansagar Science Foundation, New Delhi. 21. Served as honorary deputy secretary, Jain Vishva Bharati, Ladnun (Raj.)

Prof. Tater is a prolific writer and wrote and got published up till now 41 Ph.D. level Research books which are widely acclaimed in academic circle as follow in the subjects – Education, Yoga and Philosophy. These all 41 Research books are available in 100 reputed Universities of India recognized by UGC and Lacs of P.G. and Ph.D. students regularly take use of them as their text book/reference books. This is a great achievement of Prof. Tater. We can find very very few examples of educationist in our country parallel to Prof. Tater in this regard. Prof. Tater is unique and exceptional in writing, publishing and making available those Research books in 100 Universities of India : (1) The Jaina Doctrine of Karma and the Science of Genetics. 2. Enlightened Knowledge. 3. Jainagamo Aur Upanishado Ki Aachar Mimamsa. 4. Bhartiya Bhotikvad aur Markshvad. 5. Charvak aur Hume. 6. Gyan mimansa ki samikshatamak vivechna. (prachya aur paschatiya). 7. Kabir aur Mahapragya ka Samaj Kalyan Darshan. 8. Quotes of Mahatma Gandhi.  9. Jaina Karma Mimansa: Shastriya avam Vaigyanika Adhyayan. 10. Gyan Rashmiyon. 11. Bhartiya Darshan ki molik  avdharnaye. 12. Yoga Therapy. 13. Women and Jainism. 14. Women and Christinity. 15. Prachya avam Pashchatya Darshano ki molik avdhrnaye. 16. Bach Flower Remedies. 17. Women and Judaism. 18. Women and Sikhism. 19. Bhartiya Darshano me tatva avam achar mimansa. 20. Yoga avam Samagra Svasthya. 21. Yoga Kiran. 22. Jain Karma vigyan aur Manovigyan. 23. Women and Islam. 24. Gandhi and the Geeta. 25. Revisiting Gandhi. 26. Yoga Spectrum. 27. Positive Thinking by Bach Flower Remedies. 28. Naxalism : Myth and Reality. 29. Applied Ethics Burning Issues. 30. Sant Tulsi Sahitya me Udatta Tattva. 31. Meghpradeep. 32. Kanchanpur Ki Sona. 33. Abhishek. 34. Thundering Speeches of Mahatma Gandhi. 35. Chronological Biography of Mahatma Gandhi. 36. Yoga and Holistic Health. 37-38. Dharm Ak Swaroop Anek (Part 1-2). 39. Applied Ethics & Social Responsibility. 40. Bhartiya Adhunik & Prachin Shiksha Pranali. 41. Tattva Avm Achar Mimansa.

    In continuation to above  Prof. Tater is still writing Ph.D. level Research books and his following 32 Research books in subjects – Education, Yoga and Philosophy are under publication which will be made again available in same 100 reputed Universities of India for Lacs of P.G. and Ph.D. students in coming years. Prof. Tater has made mission of his rest life to write, publish and make available 100 Ph.D. level Research books in same 100 reputed Universities of India recognized by UGC. It seems that looking to dedicated and devoted to his mission Prof. Tater will be exceptional in this regard and will deserve Padma Vibhushan Award in near future : 1. Adhunik Bhartiya Chintak. 2. Dharam Ak Swaroop Anek (Part-2). 3. Sanskrit Sahitya Ka Molik Itihas. 4. Applied Ethics and Social Responsibility (Part-2). 5. Biography of Acharya Mahashraman. 6. Inspiring thought of Acharya Mahashraman. 7. Vedik Sanskrit Sahitya Ka Itihas.  8. Parivarik Sukh ke Sutra. 9. Bhartiya Darshano Ke Vibhin Swaroop. 10-12. Biography of Mahatma Gandhi (In 3 volumes). 13. Science of Human Body. 14. Manav Sharir Vigyan. 15-32. Women who Influenced Mahatma Gandhi (18 Vol.). 

Prof. Tater wrote and got published 33 Research articles of his subjects – Education, Yoga and Philosophy in most popular International online Research magazine of the world. With the datas available on this website lacs of scholars and Educationists have visited these research articles for their academic purposes. It is a great academic service rendered by Dr. Tater around the globe. 

Dr. Tater wrote and got published 30 Research articles on his subject – Education, Yoga and Philosophy in most popular national Research journals . Lacs of Research scholars and Educationists take the reference of these research articles for their academic purposes. It is a great service of Dr. Tater in the field of Literature and Education throughout the country. 

Prof. Tater participated in 40 International/National conferences/ Seminars as Guest of honour as – Chief Guest, Distinguished Guest, Chair Person, Chief Speaker and Sectional President. During these participations Dr. Tater shared his views regarding Research Education to lacs of participants attended those Conferences/Seminars. It is a great contribution of Prof. Tater to Indian and abroad societies in the field of Literature and Education. 

Detailed Research papers were presented by Prof. Tater with and without power point presentation in 25 International/National Conferences/Seminars as participant. This way Prof. Tater trained lacs of P.G./Ph.D. students in preparing and presenting Research articles with and without power point presentation in International/National Conferences/Seminars. It is Prof. Tater’s great service to new comer higher study students. 

Since last 10 years Prof. Tater organized hundreds of the camps in various institutions of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharastra, Delhi state and gave practical demonstration of Asan, Pranayam and Mediation. Thousands of people controlled their negative emotions like- anger, ego, deceit and excessive greed with these practical demonstrations. It is Prof. Tater’s great mission of his life to preach, educate, train and to spread awareness among Indian society for re-establishing detoriated human, moral and spiritual values through his literature and educating them by organizing various Philosophy, Yoga and Education camps throughout the country.

International publication of Professor (Dr.) Sohan Raj Tater, in HERENOW4U.DE International online magazine, Berlin (Germany).


  1. Thesis on the subject “The Jaina doctrine of Karma and the science of Genetics”.
  2. The Role of Jaina ethics in peace and harmony of Global civilization.
  3. Evolution of the living being in Jaina philosophy and science.
  4. Promoting the culture of peace in the world.
  5. The Role of Jainism in evolving a Global ethics.
  6. Solution of Problems in the light of Acharya Mahaprajna’s literature.
  7. Role of Yoga in total health.
  8. Commentary on thesis—The Jaina doctrine of karma and the Science of Genetics.
  9. Karmic Theory in Jain Philosophy.
  10. Utility of Science of Living in Life Building.
  11. Vow of Voluntary Death in the Context of Victory Over Afflictions and Calamity.
  12. A Devotee Votary : Yuvak Ratna Sohan Raj Tater.
  13. Concept of Soul Substance in Indian Philosophies.
  14. Reality in Western and Indian Philosophics—Jain View.
  15. Idealism and Realism in Western and Indian Philosophies
  16. Jain Karmic Theory and Genetic Science.
  17. Acharya Tulsi : An Incarnation.
  18. Problem Solving—In the Light of Acharya Mahapragya’s Literature.
  19. The First Step to Initiation—Parmarthik Shikshan Sanstha.
  20. Highly Esteemed and Popular—Acharya Mahapragya.
  21. Joy giving Mantra : Namo Arhantanam.
  22. Formation of Sacraments in Girls : First Priority of Modern Age.
  23. The Concept of Non-violence in Indian Philosophies.
  24. Mitigation of violence against women around the globe.
  25. Health management through Yoga and Naturopathy.
  26. My study for the growth of Singhania University.
  27. Relative Economics of Human life span.
  28. Economics of Non-violence : Theory to action.
  29. Necessity of Research in Yoga  and Naturopathy.
  30. Global water scarcity : problems and solutions.
  31. Jainism – History, Philosophy and Traditions.
  32. Concept of Prama in Jain Philosophy.  
  33. Life style management through Immunity, Yoga and Naturopathy.
  34. Nari Sashktikaran ki Prasangikta.
  35. Spiritual Understanding of Mahatma Gandhi.
  36. Bio Ethics and Social Responsibility.
  37. Naturopathic and Yogic cure of Blood Pressure.
  38. Self Interaction of Karma & Genes in the light of Jain Philosophy.
  39. Role of Yoga & Naturopathy in the development of Ideal life Style.

One can say that Tater’s  honesty, simplicity, humility, dedication, nobility, scholarship are remarkable. And what a wonderful human being he is. He  is not only truly a precious Ratna of Jain Swetambar Terapanth Samaj but of whole humanity.